Company SV Slavičín, s.r.o. was established by registration in the commercial register in December 1992 based on the impulse of one of the founders and first executives of the company, Ing. Zdeňka Kroutila, CSc. His intention was to build a small engineering company capable of responding quickly and flexibly to the demand for the production of very precise machined parts of high quality. The name of the city was intentionally included in the company name so that even locally distant potential business partners could verify that Slavičín has a long-standing engineering tradition with its own secondary vocational school. Based on his experience as a leader of a production team, the founder was convinced that only smaller companies that are established in Slavičín can stand up to tough competition. At the same time, he wanted to employ qualified metalworkers from the only large engineering employer in the area – Vlárské strojíren, which faced major problems after the failure of arms production orders and was declared bankrupt in 1995 after unsuccessful privatization.

         After initial problems, when the company had a binding promise of orders from a French customer and was still unable to find production premises, the site of a former municipal enterprise was purchased on credit, where the company still operates today. Production started in June 1993, the first employees – metalworkers were experienced machinists and toolmakers willing to join a start-up company with an uncertain future. A large part of the employees then consisted of recent graduates of secondary vocational schools. The management of the company knew that the SOU in Slavičín educates apprentice and high-school engineering students with significant technical talent that needs to be developed, even at the cost of the fact that after working under the guidance of experienced experts, some of them will go on to further studies or to larger companies cities. But it was certain that these apprentices would be able to work on the most modern technologies that would replace classic machines, thus ensuring the company’s competitiveness in the future.

Then followed a period of great technical development of the company, the purchase of production and measuring technologies for metalworking, and a new production hall was built.

         Due to the fact that the management of the company was able to communicate quickly in German and English, to clarify and specify the technical documentation in these languages, important orders were gradually obtained from French and German companies. On the basis of regular personal meetings with representatives of these foreign companies, orders increased and cooperation developed successfully. At the same time, employees were introduced to new progressive production technologies, new tools and modern measuring devices from foreign customers. Based on the experience and recommendations of these companies, new top technologies were gradually purchased. As the company has always paid attention to the education of its employees, the French customer invested two of our employees with a two-month language internship at a French university and a month’s experience in the management of his company. Thanks to these foreign customers, the management was able to communicate in German, English and French. The company has become well equipped with modern machining centers, lathes and measuring devices. The emphasis placed on production quality was confirmed in 2005 by a certification audit of the ISO quality system, when the company received the first ISO 9001:2015 quality management certificate, which is regularly checked and recertified.

         The turning point came in 2009, when engineering companies were first affected by the global economic crisis. Contracted orders were canceled already at the beginning of the year. Two German companies, with which the company has cooperated since the beginning of its operations, had a minimum number of orders themselves, but based on years of cooperation and mutual interest in continuing cooperation, they secured at least part of the orders for us, which enabled the company to retain qualified employees whose team it had been building for years.

Currently, the company SV Slavičín, s.r.o. in very good production condition, which is the basis for the further development of the company and a prerequisite for problem-free handling of the production of increasingly demanding products.

Products currently manufactured at SV Slavičín, s.r.o. they are exported to globally important engineering companies with locations in Europe, the USA and Asia, e.g. in China.

SV Slavičín, s.r.o. is a flexible company with a well-managed production preparation system in a very short time and with an established functional quality control system, which is a necessity for the high demands and precision of the manufactured parts. The company’s goal is to continuously expand the portfolio of offered services for current and potential new customers.